Android Set-up

Follow these steps to get connected.

Step 1. Download the OpenVPN app from Google Play.

You’ll be asked to provide permissions to the app to access your photos/files, this is OK – click Accept when prompted.

Step 2. Download a certificate from ‘My Control Panel’ to your device. 

Step 3.  Open the OpenVPN app you just downloaded and open the menu. Select Import and then Import Profile from SD card.

Step 4. You’ll now be shown the file storage area on your device. Select the Download folder (or wherever you downloaded your certificate file). Pick your license file from the list of files and press the Select button.

Step 5.  Your license has now been loaded into the OpenVPN app and you can go ahead and click Connect to get onto the HIDR Network.

Congratulations! You are now on the HIDR network. To check you are secure and all the nasty stuff is being blocked, go to the Network Check page in Privacy Tools.

NOTE: It can take up to 15 minutes for some ads to stop appearing. This is because devices store some searches/ads in memory for a short time (caching). 

Some devices, especially phones, are known to close the OpenVPN app as part of battery management. Visit this page for help on how to stop OpenVPN being closed in the background. 

Don’t forget, you can jump on and off the HIDR network whenever you want, just use the Connect/Disconnect button in the OpenVPN app.

NOTE – Some websites may not function properly with all ad and tracking activity removed. If you have any problems and there is no alternative website, disconnect from HIDR and refresh the website. Don’t forget to turn it back on when finished.