Frequently asked questions

What is HIDR?

HIDR is a service which encrypts and diverts your internet connection through our servers. We remove known advertisements, activity trackers and block access to sites containing malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.

The result is a fast, secure, uncluttered and private internet experience across all your devices.

How safe is it?

HIDR uses military-strength encryption using a VPN to ensure nobody can snoop on your internet connection.

All our servers are protected by multiple firewalls and intrusion detection platforms.

You can view all the security and encryption methods used on our Security Details page.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a secure tunnel between two or more devices.

Connecting to a VPN gives you an encrypted connection to the internet. This allows you to stay private and secure, even when connected to public WiFi.

How does it work?

We will provide you with links to download software for your PC or mobile device and a license file providing access to the network.

You can be up and running in minutes and we’ll walk your through each easy step.

Do you offer a lifetime service?

No, those offers are really just a marketing gimmick. Who knows what the internet will be like in two years let alone 10.

We offer a simple, low cost, monthly subscription as well as a 30 day money back guarantee. This means you have the flexibility to use HIDR when you want to without being locked into a long subscription.

Do I still need to pay for the internet?

Yes,  HIDR provides a privacy service over your existing internet provider.  You will still need to pay your broadband/fibre or mobile provider for internet access.

One of the big benefits of HIDR is that it hides your activity from your internet provider, who commonly records your browsing history and even blocks access to some sites.

Why do you charge for this service?

There is no such thing as free! Running these services costs money.

“Free” VPN services tend to capture and sell your data and browsing habits and even inject adverts into the websites you visit.

Can I turn it off when I want to?

Yes. You can turn the service on and off whenever you wish. This software provides simple on/off switches giving you control of your internet connection. Check the installation guides for more information

Can’t I just use an ad blocking browser or plug-in?

Yes, you can. However, browser based solutions only block the nasty stuff once already downloaded, so you won’t see any savings in data or usage battery life.

Our service provides what is called ‘network’ level blocking. This means adverts and trackers will be blocked whenever your device connects to the internet, not just browsing. Many apps and software packages send back private data in the background.

You also won’t benefit from the anonymous secure internet access and privacy that HIDR provides.

Is it difficult to set up?

Not at all. We provide guides for every device to get you up and running in no time.

Why should I remove adverts?

Whilst we all know content providers rely on revenue from adverts there is no governance or control on the widespread collection of your private browsing data and internet activity.

There are also no limit on the number of adverts or tracking code that can be put on websites. Some large sites have up to 70 individual tracking companies saving and selling your data!

Until such time that the user is given explicit control and access to data gathered and shared wholesale to third parties, we recommend using an ad and tracker blocker.

Aside from privacy, what are the benefits?

Advertisements, tracking and data collection tools not only increase your data usage they also slow down the loading and use of almost all websites.

By blocking these website elements, you will save on your data usage, increase battery life on mobile devices and experience a noticeable speed increase when browsing.

Will I be safe from viruses and malware?

We block sites known to host viruses, malware and phishing attacks, this is the first line of defence.

We recommend always using a virus and malware solution on your device. There are lots of free ones available.

For virus protection we recommend Avast or AVG (the free versions are great)

For malware protection we recommend Malwarebytes

Can I still watch videos online and use all my favourite sites?

Yes, we only block sites that have been identified as hosting dangerous content. Our servers are fast. Grab the popcorn.

We do, however, block and slow down any connections to P2P networks where illegal torrents are shared. We respect the local regulations of the HIDR host country.

I have problems accessing my favourite site?

A very small number of websites really don’t like us blocking adverts and data records, they may take steps to stop you viewing or make it difficult with pop-ups.

Sometimes our servers might get blocked by websites completely. We change our IP address if that happens. Let us known and we will get it fixed!

Will a VPN slow my internet connection?

As with any VPN, it can sometimes slow your connection, as we are cleverly encrypting a lot of data,  but the difference is often unnoticeable. Blocking adverts and nasty stuff will actually mean a noticeable speed increase when visiting websites.

Each HIDR server provides more than enough bandwidth for you to watch HD video easily. We do not over-subscribe our computers.

HIDR also bypasses any throttling and speed limits your ISP may implement, so you may even notice less buffering while watching videos and streaming music.

How hidden from snooping am I?

When on the HIDR network your location and IP address will appear as ours. By encrypting your data and blocking tracking, you will be well hidden from snoopers.

Be aware that when you are logged into websites such as Facebook and Gmail, they have access to your data as you have given them permission.

How many devices can I use HIDR on?

Each certificate can be used on many devices but only one connection can be used at the same time. Remember to disconnect if you want to use the same certificate on another device.

We offer discounts for multiple license files.

What devices and platforms do you support?

We provide guides for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Linux and routers can also be used if you have the know how. We may include guides for these platform at a later date.

Do you log my data?

HIDR is very privacy-focused.

  • We do not keep any logs of your internet activity
  • We do not alter/inject code or adverts into your browsing
  • Cookies are used on the main site only to maintain the log-in functionality
  • When connected you are identified via a random number that is changed very regularly
  • We only monitor connections to maintain a device limit according to your subscription
  • We only ask for your email address so we can manage your account. You will only be sent security tips and notices if you subscribe to our newsletter

For more details, view the Privacy Policy section and Terms of Service

Why should I choose you over other VPN providers?

There are a few VPN providers out there, but not many offer the ad/tracking and blocking capabilities of HIDR. We aim to provide a simple, cheap and reliable service.  We also strive to keep the jargon and marketing speak down to a minimum!

We hope you give us a try!