iOS (Apple Mobile) Set-up

Follow these steps to get connected.

Step 1. Install the official OpenVPN software for iOS. Don’t open it just yet though!

Step 2. Visit your ‘Control Panel’ and click the button below, you’ll receive and email with all your certificates.

Step 3.  Open the email and click on one of your certificates, you’ll get the following box pop up. Click the Copy to OpenVPN button as below, the OpenVPN app will open.

Step 4. Click the green button to import your certificate file. If you’re asked for a username and password, leave it blank, we don’t need it.

Step 5. Click the Connection button and then Yes to enable VPN connection when prompted.

Congratulations! You are now on the HIDR network. To check you are secure and all the nasty stuff is being blocked, go to the Network Check page in Privacy Tools.

NOTE: It can take up to 15 minutes for some ads to stop appearing. This is because devices store some searches/ads in memory for a short time (caching). 

You’ll see a VPN indicator, as below, to let you know you’re connected.

Don’t forget, you can jump on and off the HIDR network whenever you want, just use the Connect/Disconnect button in the OpenVPN app.

NOTE – Some users have reported not being able to set-up HIDR using the certificate downloaded to a device. If this is the case you’ll have connect your device to iTunes and drag the file into the OpenVPN app area. Follow this guide here