Windows Set-up

Follow these steps to get connected on Windows.

HIDR only supports Windows versions Vista and higher, if you’re on an earlier version we recommend updating as soon as possible.

Windows tends to leak data when it comes to privacy. Even though you are on a private VPN network, your internet data may be sent to a third party for storing (DNS leaking). You must use the OpenVPN Client in these steps to ensure you are fully privacy protected.

Step 1.  Download a certificate from your ‘Control Panel’ to your computer.

Step 2.  Go to the OpenVPN website and download the latest Installer for windows Vista and later. You can also click this direct link, we’ll ensure it points to the latest version. We recommend you download to your desktop and delete the file when you are finished.

Once downloaded, find the file, right click and select Run as Administrator. This ensures it has full permissions to install properly. Once running, click next to start the install as below.

Step 3. Click Next on the following screen.

Then click Install as below.

Click Finish once promoted, you can uncheck the Show Readme box.

Step 4. I suggest a quick reboot now, always a good idea when you install new software. Once logged in again, double-click the Open-VPN shortcut that’s now on your desktop.

You may get a warning saying you have no profile loaded, this is OK, we’ll deal with that in the next step.

Step 5. In your system tray you’ll have an OpenVPN icon (as below). Right-click this and select Import file.

Browse for the HIDR_XXX.ovpn file you downloaded from your Control Panel and saved to your computer earlier. There will be a message to tell you that it’s been imported successfully.

Step 6.  Right-click again on the OpenVPN system tray icon and click Connect.

Congratulations! You are now on the HIDR network. To check you are secure and all the nasty stuff is being blocked, go to the Network Check page in Privacy tools.

NOTE: It can take up to 15 minutes for some ads to stop appearing. This is because devices store some searches/ads in memory for a short time (caching). 

Don’t forget, you can jump on and off the HIDR network whenever you want, just use the Connect/Disconnect option in the OpenVPN system tray.

NOTE – Some websites may not function properly with all ads and tracking activity removed. If you have any problems and there is no alternative website, disconnect from HIDR and refresh the website. Don’t forget to turn it back on when finished.